About the CEO of JD.com Liu Qiangdong

Liu Qiangdong founded JD.com after discovering his passion in the internet sector. Under Liu’s leadership, JD.com, located in China, became the third-largest internet company recognized in the world due to its high revenue. Liu was born in China from a humble family because his parents were peasant farmers. Struggling with putting food on the table, Liu was not exposed to much, but he had a passion for exploring new things outside his village. Liu grew up eating was sweet potatoes and corn with the privilege to eat pork once a year. The situation Liu’s family was in motivated him to work hard and change the situation.

Qiangdong Richard Liu | FortuneA local government building had installed a light bulb, and it was Liu’s first time to see it after going to the building with a group of friends. Inquest to attend a large university in the city, Liu Qiangdong passed the People’s University of China entrance exam in Beijing. Qiangdong’s loved ones helped him raise transport via train to the university. Liu studied sociology and had to find a means of survival when the supplies he carried from his village run out. The founder of JD.com got a job writing letters and started learning about e-commerce, computers, and the internet’s expansion in that company.

Liu Qiangdong managed to buy a phone, a computer and build his parents a new house with the money he raised. Being a business-minded person, Liu used his savings to open a restaurant that shortly after went bankrupt due to a lack of managerial skills. After graduating from the university and securing a job, the founder of JD.com joined the China Europe International Business School to pursue EMBA, which he completed after two years. With his masters and experience, Liu chased his entrepreneurial interest by starting a booth which grew and later grew to become an online e-commerce company that is known as JD.com today.