Pablo González Carbonell Is A Leader In The Tourism Industry

Como presidente y fundador de Royal Holiday Group, Pablo González Carbonell es líder en la industria del turismo en México. Ha supervisado algunas de las campañas de marketing más innovadoras para atraer turistas a su país, incluida una campaña galardonada que se emitió durante el Super Bowl XLVIII. Pablo González Carbonell también se ha desempeñado […]

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Contribution to the Growth of the Brazilian Telecommunications Industry

Haroldo Jacobovicz was passionate about transforming technologies. That led him to start and head various telecommunication organizations, which gave him knowledge and experience to advance the technologies. From his early years, Mr. Jacobovicz realized the importance of entrepreneurship in technology. While studying at the University, Haroldo collaborated with some of his friends and formed a […]

A Scrutiny at Bhanu Choudhrie, A Business Mogul

Bhanu Choudhrie is among the world’s top-ranking, respected, and businesspeople with an impact. Choudhrie’s love and passion for the aviation, healthcare, and hospitality sectors led to his establishment of the C&C Alpha Group, one of the world’s top-ranking aviation firms. Choudhrie admits that passion is a crucial factor when working towards becoming successful. He always […]

Facing Challenges with Vigor and Courage: The story of Alejandro Betancourt at Hawkers

Hawkers, the successful and trendy brand of sunglasses, was not an overnight success. Its sales catapulted overtime after the company was launched with a mere $300 as the starting capital. However, its financial situation was worse despite the millions in sales, and at one point, the founders of the company considered winding it up. However, […]