Defend Haiti´s Democracy Human Rights Organization Founder

Defend Haiti’s Democracy (DHD) is a human rights organization founded by Georgette Mulheir. The organization comprises human rights activists and professionals who are at the forefront of the fight against the violence used to silence the people of Haiti. Georgette Mulheir explains that the main goal of the international group is to call on the international community to help support the struggles of the Haitian people to end the systemic human rights violations to restore democracy and the rule of law. Haiti is going through a political crisis currently. 


In February 2020, the president’s term came to an end. According to international and Haitian legal experts, the president’s term in office ended, but he is adamant about resigning. During the previous two years, the humanitarian and political crisis in Haiti has intensified. An authoritarian president ruling by decree has consolidated his power violating human rights and retaliating against opponents. Defend Haiti’s Democracy partnered with the Haitian Human Rights Observatory and the International Human Rights Clinic at Harvard School and provided a devastating report with clear evidence of the widespread kidnappings, murders, rapes, and state-sanctioned massacres primarily aimed at government critics. Georgette Mulheir claims that the international world has been silent on the human rights and democracy rights crisis in Haiti. 


Until recently, the United Nations vocally supported the de facto president’s call for a referendum on the constitution. However, legal experts in Haiti believe that his goal is to modify the rules to stay in power. Human rights organizations claim that senior government and security personnel work together with gangs. While the gangs are certainly involved in heinous crimes, it appears that most members have been kidnapped or forced into illegal activity. Georgette Mulheir, in partnership with other human rights organization groups, found that these abuses could amount to crimes against humanity. They will share their findings in Haiti at a Crossroads (an online conference of international specialists and Haitians) gathered to discuss solutions to the country’s dire political situation. Georgette Mulheir says that it is not too late to act to end Haiti’s significant upsurge in human rights violations. Defend Haiti’s Democracy aims to ensure the international community takes urgent action to restore democracy and prevent further bloodshed.

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