Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Contribution to the Growth of the Brazilian Telecommunications Industry

Haroldo Jacobovicz was passionate about transforming technologies. That led him to start and head various telecommunication organizations, which gave him knowledge and experience to advance the technologies. From his early years, Mr. Jacobovicz realized the importance of entrepreneurship in technology.

While studying at the University, Haroldo collaborated with some of his friends and formed a Microsystem firm. They aimed at providing other companies with skills on how to manage their inventory better. Unfortunately, they closed the firm after operating for a short time. Even with that, there was a lot that Haroldo Jacobovicz learned from the business. He would later use the lessons from the fallen Microsystem company to improve the information technology industry and more

He got employed as the market analyst at Esso and later got promoted to become the commercial strategist in the same company. He also worked as a financial expert in various organizations. While working in the different companies, Haroldo Jacobovicz acquired enough experience that helped him leave a mark in all the firms that employed him.

There is no company he worked for that didn’t transform the lives of Brazilians in that area. Later, Haroldo opened his firms using the expertise and knowledge he had gathered over the years. One of the firms he started is Horizon telecom, a leading telecommunications company in Brazil. It supplies various telecommunications equipment and fiber-optic network in different parts of the country. In 2020, Haroldo Jacobovicz opened Decanter intending to provide customers with the latest arrivals in technologies. The firm specializes in providing people in the whole of Brazil with cloud computing services. Both of Haroldo’s parents worked in the civil engineering sector in the country.

As a young man, Jacobovicz concentrated on what his parents did and later followed their path when he grew up. He joined the University for a Degree in civil engineering. He gained some passion for information technology, which changed his life as a telecommunications guru.