Mark Hauser Uses his Expertise to Continue Investing in the Fitness Industry

Mark Hauser is an entrepreneur who has spent over three decades in the fitness industry. With over thirty years of experience, Mark has used his capital to assist many business owners and companies that promote health and wellness to the public. As a lifelong fitness enthusiast, Mark has devoted his resources to helping many companies increase their profits as well as offering more options to those who want to take advantage of the many benefits associated with fitness. Throughout his career, Hauser has invested his capital in many different sectors of the fitness industry over the past several years.

Today, Mark Hauser is the managing partner of his own company Hauser Private Equity. He graduated from Miami University after completing a degree program in business administration. Shortly after graduating from college, Mark Hauser accepted an employment position at Cincinnati Reynolds DeWitt & Co. He spent several years working at this merchant banking firm where he was involved in assisting S Corporations and various partnerships receive financial support to grow their businesses. Within the next several years, Mark eventually became the vice president of the company.

Ten years later in 1995, Mark Hauser acquired an insurance agency based in Cincinnati. Along with managing a leading risk management firm, Mark went on to start his own company called Hauser Capital Partners. With his company, he invested a lot of capital in many business partnerships. During the 1990’s Mark also developed the Cincinnati Sports club which served as a leading fitness facility for many residents in Cincinnati and the surrounding communities. Today the fitness center serves as one of the largest and most comprehensive facilities in the state of Ohio. The facility includes a basketball court, swimming pool and weight training room. Mark continues to invest in other fitness companies and assist them in growing their enterprises.

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