Miki Agrawal, Her Companies, and Her Home

Miki Agrawal graduated from Cornell and became an investment banker. Miki Agrawal lives in Brooklyn in an abandoned and restored church where she lives with her partner, Andrew as well as friends who occupy the many spaces that the church provides. While living in the church, Miki Agrawal, like millions of others, reflected on whether she was happy with her life and reasoned that she was doing none of the things that she deemed important. Miki Agrawal wanted to play professional soccer, make movies, and start a business. Since Miki’s professional soccer career came to an end, she focused on making videos. While making videos, Miki decided to open up pizza restaurants called Wild, despite not having had any experience in the restaurant and food business.

Unsurprisingly, Agrawal’s restaurant partners now run the restaurants. After delving into restaurants, Agrawal created a company called Thinx that profits off the lack of hygiene in third world countries. Agrawal is also diving into the women’s underwear sector. But, Agrawal does not do all of this on her own. Agrawal partnered with her twin sister, who co-organized dance events and a nutrition education company called Super Sprowtz. Agrawal’s twin sister helps run Thinx. Thinx was erected seven years ago and was honored by Time Magazine six years ago. Agrawal takes pride in her art decorations that are spread about the church’s walls. Many fans of these companies are looking forward to what Agrawal and her co founders will think of doing next.

Original source to learn more: https://ideamensch.com/miki-agrawal/