Neil Gerrard: Promising Newsworthy Career Move

Lawyer Neil Gerrard has left his previous position at Dechert to take up a new role as the head of corporate development for the Law Society. The move comes after recent changes in Dechert’s leadership, which will see the firm’s global director of corporate development depart from its position. “I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with the Law Society on its ambitious agenda,” says Gerrard. 


“I am proud of the many accomplishments I have had at Dechert, including my contributions in support of its growth and development.” Now that Neil Gerrard has made this move, he will be focusing on his new position. This is a positive step for both himself and the Law Society in creating outcomes that are beneficial to their stakeholders. For example, they need to work together to ensure that people throughout Great Britain receive fair access to justice. 


Neil Gerrard’s expertise with corporate governance matters (he was head of government relations) should make achieving these goals more straightforward than before. Additionally, it provides stability for law firms under the UK Legal Services Act 2007 when making changes, continuing what they were back without any disruptions or unforeseen consequences. Dechert, a law firm based in Philadelphia and London, has also recently changed their leadership. 

The company’s global head of corporate development is also departing from his position at Dechert. This means that Neil Gerrard will have many new challenges ahead of him – but it does not mean he won’t be successful with them! “What we say is, that at the Dechert law firm, we want all our employees to succeed personally and professionally,” says James Davis, chairman & CEO for Dechert LLP. He adds: “Neil Gerrard was an integral part of building this business into what it is today.”