Ryan Kavanaugh and the Triller Fight Club make Boxing an enjoyable Form of Entertainment

Triller is a video-sharing social network that is music-based. Triller owns a combat sports league called the Triller Fight Club. Ryan Kavanaugh is the co-owner of Triller. Triller Fight Club features bouts between well-known boxers along with musical performances by singing sensations and Grammy Award winners. The events are attended by young people between 17 and 27 years of age.

Ryan Kavanaugh, the co-founder of Triller has wide experience in the entertainment industry. He has produced several visually appealing films and is a well-known film producer. His focus is to make Triller Fight Club a fine-tuned form of entertainment. He has signed up many boxing legends. He uses cinematography and lighting effects during boxing bouts like movie sets. Viewers feel they are watching a movie rather than a real boxing match. Ryan Kavanaugh’s focus is to use unique innovations to make boxing bouts exciting and entertaining. He believes that his innovative method will usher in a new audience consisting of those who enjoy music and boxing.

Triller Fight Club’s boxing events attract millions of viewers. Well-known boxers fight during the bout and the music between bouts is by well-known rappers and Grammy Award-winning singers. Some of the boxers include Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr, George Kambosos, Teofimo Lopez and, Floyd Mayweather. Well-known singers who performed between bouts include Big Daddy Kane, KRS-ONE, Lil Wayne, French Montana and, Wiz Khalifa. The boxing bouts and musical events form a package and Triller Fight Club sells the package on cable television and pay-per-view.

Ryan Kavanaugh believes that boxing should be shown as a form of entertainment rather than a serious sport. He believes that traditional boxing bout viewers may not choose to be the audience of the bout and music package but he can create a new audience through this new form of entertainment.

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