Ryan Kavanaugh’s Rise to Success

Ryan Kavanaugh is working tirelessly to redefine and bring life to the meaning of the term, “boxing”, as we will forever know it.

Launching Triller in 2020 with the absolutely brilliant goal of bringing music and the sport of boxing together for a night of entertainment and fun unlike any other, Ryan Kavanaugh and rap legend, Snoop Dogg, paired boxing superstar Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. for a fight that would break every digital pay per view record that came before it. By beginning to pair the hottest entertainment talent out there with a consistently growing number of award-winning athletes, Triller manages to impress with matchups that can not only manage to appeal to die-hard boxing fans but also invite new fans to take a closer look inside the ring.

Ryan Kavanaugh’s company also acquired FITE, a global streaming platform that can be used to view sports and entertainment, like Triller’s aforementioned pay-per-view events. FITE currently has over 5 million registered users and can be found worldwide through its IOS and Android apps, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, and many other outlets.

These companies are both subsidiaries of TRILLERNET, a company that pairs music with sports, fashion, and other forms of entertainment through an app that encourages its users to develop viral content. TRILLERNET has proven to be a major success for Ryan Kavanaugh as it currently holds more than 350 million users worldwide, including many musicians, celebrities, and trendsetters.

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