The Life of Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes is well aware of the fact that he is one of the lucky few who gets to do what he loves & this is why he is grateful for everything he has. But just how did he become the founder & CEO of his own organization? Well, it all started when Jason Hughes was born in Sherman Oaks & raised in the south of CA. From there, he went on to get straight A’s on all of his tests & this is how he was able to finish at the top of his HS class. From there, he went on to college where he did his best to keep his grades as high as possible. 


Successful entrepreneur Jason Hughes did not know if this would work but soon knew that he was on the right track to being in the top ten of his class. As he got to the date of his graduation, he knew it was time to get an idea of what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. At that point he wouldn’t imagine that he would become the founder of the successful Hughes Marino firm. As such, he mapped out a plan & followed it to the letter. As he said good bye to his academic career, he knew he would need to make a living which is why he started what is now known as Hughes Marino. 

He knew it would do well but never thought this would go on to be one of the best housing firms in the world. He has now been doing well for more than a decade. The company avoids conflict of interest issues which can arise at most brokerage firms by specializing. They deal strictly with buyers and tenants. For Jason Hughes, this gives them the freedom to call in any member of the team at any given moment. Flexibility such as that ensures that every client gets the attention of the most qualified expert on staff. Jason Hughes keeps Hughes Marino focused on servicing tenants and buyers, making the company a leader in its industry.