Trevor Edwards, the Marketing Genius

Trevor Edwards was born in November 1962 in England and grew up in a south London suburb. His father, Ossie, served as an accountant while his mother, Joyce, worked as a nurse. Trevor Edwards was brought up in a good life whereby he could grow vegetables on his estate. Edwards’s parents worked hard to give him and other children whatever they needed and also ensured that they grew up in a favorable environment. This played a key role in shaping his personality and making him confident to speak his mind.

At the age of 13, his parent decided to relocate to Jamaica. Although Trevor Edwards did not appreciate this decision, he later adapted to the culture. He later developed an interest in sports, where he played cricket, football, and basketball.

Trevor excelled academically, where he also developed an interest in studying foreign languages such as French, German and Latin. He also attended Baruch College in New York, wherein in 1984, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business; five years later, he also earned M.B.A. in international marketing and finance. Trevor Edwards got his first job at Goldman Sachs, though he never loved the job. Upon his mother realizing that Edwards had no passion for the job, he advised him to move on and pursue what he loved. With this, Trevor Edwards decided to venture into creating marketing campaigns. This was a genius idea since he elevated the brands that he worked for. He also worked in A top athletic brand as a regional marketing manager. His expertise in marketing led him to become an international marketer and designer.

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